Some kind words from current and previous members…

As a writer, I thought I’d just hand over a script and let somebody else make it. WRONG! I’ve made six shorts (five of which have won money) and have gone from writing to producing to directing. Who knew!

Anton H. GillCPA

I’ve been a member for five years and have been more productive in that time than any other period of my life!

Tom KrymkowskiCinematographer

Just another example of altruism and community in San Francisco, Scary Cow Productions is about as creative and fun as you can get.

Marty RothMarketing Administrator

Scary Cow is probably one of the best models for successful indie filmmaking you will find.

Tom KrymkowskiCinematographer

Scary Cow offers the opportunity to network with other film makers and make films with crew and equipment that you could never afford to hire.

Dave CowlElectrical Engineer

Did anyone mention that this whole thing is just hella fun?

Stan NgEngineer

This organization has changed my life. I’ve spent years dreaming about the possibilities of becoming a filmmaker, but it wasn’t until I ran into Scary Cow that it became a reality.

Kira TrinityGraphic Design

The real joy is that we’ve been able to share our simple but much-loved story with audiences across the USA.  This would not have been possible without Scary Cow.

Drew Stephens

Scary Cow has helped me realize my dream!  I have learned a lot and met amazing people through Scary Cow and have gained confidence in my abilities.   I now know that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life, all thanks to Scary Cow.

Jamie Sage CottonDomestic Goddess

Where else do you get a chance to join a collaborative effort to produce your own project or help realize someone’s else’s dream come true in a welcoming learning environment AND then get to see it on the big screen.  It is awesome!

Heather MorrisonAdministrative Assistant

This is something special.  No one is doing anything like this.  It provides an environment for the novice and experienced alike to make movies and to help each other out.

Marc StaymanBusiness Consultant

Scary Cow was a great place for me to hone my skills, meet some incredible people, and find an audience for my work. It is a great way to get started if you want to learn to be a filmmaker.

DC KasundraFilmmaker

I can honestly say its a very positive and nurturing environment for filmmakers. Not simply because we are a co-op, but because we know what it takes to make a film and we support each other. I am honored to be a part of the herd!

Aida DaayCommercial Photographer

Scary Cow is your chance to BE it. Whatever your artistic inclination and wherever your interests lie; movies invite creative and technical input from every imaginable field.

Chris Rasmussen