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  • Watch your completed film screen at the Castro Theatre
  • Receive funding for your film if you impress our members
  • Browse our members and actor database
  • Network with over 200 Bay Area filmmakers
  • Build your reel with the films you create
  • Gain access to our meeting space for your production meetings
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  • Be eligible for our Artist in Residence Program
  • Get the kick in the pants you need to make more films

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Refund Policy: We believe in having a great refund policy if you’re ever dissatisfied with our service. Upon request we will refund you for the month that you decided to cancel. So if you were billed for February and would like a refund for February, even if it’s the last day of the month, we will happily refund the $50 you were charged. Please note that for the Per Round and Per Year subscriptions, we will only refund the total amount if the subscription is cancelled during the first month. Thereafter the maximum we will reimburse is $50. Refund will only be granted one time per member.

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