Scary Cow Films Invade a Film Festival Near You!

What an incredible few weeks it has been for Scary Cow Filmmakers! An important thing to consider when thinking about where to make your next film is what happens to your films AFTER you’ve made it. So many folks focus on making a film they forget that the best films live long after it’s completion date. For many of our filmmakers, they are finding life for their films in some of the best film festivals around. We’re happy to announce five of our films that have been accepted into festivals!

First up is Devious, Inc. It’s having its premiere on April 15th at the Victoria Theatre as the conclusion to a whirlwind night of some of the most interesting and diverse shorts out there as part of the San Francisco Underground Film Festival. Devious, Inc. is the second feature Scary Cow has released to the public and we’re so excited to see xuxE and the entire Hella Fresh Films crew bringing this colorful, creative, and certainly unique feature film to the big screen!

At the same festival we’ve got two more films that were accepted into the program: A must-not-miss zombie film called “7 Minutes from Hell” from our own Alexa Fraser-Herron and “Lazarus Go Home” by the always inspiring Rowan Brooks.

So go see some amazing films and also support Scary Cow and local bay area filmmakers! You can pick up your tickets to the festival by clicking here.

If that wasn’t enough news, we also have two films just announced in the Sonoma International Film Festival! We’re happy to announce that Anton H. Gill and Christopher McGilvray‘s film “Damage” will be shown in the Shorts Program II! Also, showing in the Short Docs Program, you’ll find “Behind The Bush” –Kristian Ruggieri and Alison Hawke’s exploration of the Bushmen of San Francisco.

Screenings start next week and tickets can be purchases by clicking here.

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers, crew, and cast that brought these simple ideas to life. Scary Cow is so proud to have helped such great group of people bringing their ideas to life and watching them find audiences to spread their message to.

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One Response to "Scary Cow Films Invade a Film Festival Near You!"
  1. Chris Rasmussen says:

    Having seen most of these, and having worked with or knowing the filmmakers myself, there are no surprises here. I expect great things from Scary Cow artists, given that they’re working in the the most inspiring and productive movie-making environment. The reason veterans like myself stick with the herd is precisely because of talented, supportive and artistically nourishing herdsmates.

    Go Bears? Hah! GO BOVINES!

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