February 9th: Scary Cow Pitch Meeting

12pm    Feb 09th 2020    Become a member for full details! 

PageLines-newpitch.jpgEverything starts with the pitch.

Want to join a film crew?
Want to pitch your film to crew looking for rad projects?

Attending this event is a must.

Every three months, Scary Cow members get together for our big Pitch Meeting. Ideas are shared and crews are built, thereby kicking the filmmaking process in gear.

The process is very simple. Any member with an idea they want to share is welcome to pitch their film idea. They have exactly 2 minutes to express the concept of their piece, outline what crew they need and get people fired up to be a part of the film.

Everyone present listens to all the pitches and once the last pitch has been delivered, we move into the networking part of the day. Hear a pitch you like? Here’s when you get to chat up the project owner about possibly working together. The person who pitches ultimately decides who is on their team. We usually have somewhere upwards of 20 pitches every 3 months and there’s always a variety of genres to appeal to the multitude of member interests.

We record all of the pitches and put them in our member portal so any members that can’t attend the meeting don’t miss out.

If you’d like to come to our next pitch meeting, it’s on Sunday, February 9th, in the Financial District.
Become a member today and we’ll send you all of the details needed to attend.

You can join here: http://join.scarycow.com

Hope to see you there!