Editing Sound Like a Pro

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Professional-quality sound editing is crucial to a finished film. While not all films can afford a dedicated sound editor, with some effort, it’s possible to edit sound yourself. The minimum requirements are a copy of Pro Tools (or a comparable Digital Audio Workstation, though Pro Tools is the standard in the film industry) and patience. […]

What the Art of Magic Can Teach Us About Filmmaking

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The true aim of magic is to mystify. The same can be said of film. You are asking the audience to step into a realm of your own creation, to be lost there, and to wonder at how you were able to bring them in that world. As Kurt Vonnegut once said, all art is […]

Blockbuster Lighting for Your Low Budget Film

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Lighting for film is critical, not only for exposure but also to create a mood that best tells your story. In low-budget filmmaking, you may not be able to afford all the fancy lighting tools out there—a basic Arri kit can cost you close to $2,000 to purchase. So how do you go about lighting your small […]

Screenwriting on a Budget

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A good script is the foundation of a good film. If you’re still scribbling notes and snippets of dialogue on Starbucks napkins because you’re afraid to shell out for proper screenwriting software, I can assure you there’s a better way. While the defacto screenwriting software is Final Draft, it’s currently going for $249. That can be a […]

Why Your Film Didn’t Get into Any Festivals

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Despite a low indy budget, it’s possible to make films that get picked up by festivals (the ones that aren’t run by your friends) and that get word-of-mouth (other than your own social media). So, why didn’t your film get into any festivals or get any buzz? Why did the programming panel reject your film […]

Recording Amazing Audio for Your Low Budget Short Film

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You’ve written an incredible screenplay. Your actors brought the characters to life in unexpected ways. Your cinematographer captured the image through breathtaking compositions and lighting. There is only one hitch— Sound. Dialogue is garbled, wind and background noise obscures the vocals, levels are all over the place—your masterpiece is ruined. Here are some tips that […]

How To Guide on Visually Outlining Your Story

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In my artistic process, procrastination has always reigned supreme. I am the writer that mulls over her ideas for many moons before bothering to put pen to paper. I often wander aimlessly about the Internet looking for creative ways to break myself of this habit, but as any indie filmmaker worth their mettle knows, magic bullets aren’t […]

Creativity Happens in Pre-production.

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I have been active in Scary for two years both on other crews as well as producing and directing my own film Behind The Cow. I am looking for productions that will facilitate my goal to learn how the pros really do things and why. So I look for projects run professionally to set examples […]

San Francisco Indie Film Co-op Presents Festival Featuring Top Local Filmmakers at the Castro Theatre

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Scary Cow Productions, the San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker cooperative, commemorates its fifth year by hosting the Prime Cuts Indie Film Festival—a one-night only special movie screening at the Castro Theatre. “The 5th Anniversary of the Scary Cow Indie Film Festival is proof of Scary Cow’s dedication to growing and supporting the independent film community […]

Four Essential Elements of Directing

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 The Director’s job is insane.  Let’s face it, you have to be a little bit insane to even attempt it, and when you look at the list of things for which a Director is responsible you could easily talk yourself out of trying.  The following is a list of four things to focus on as […]