Four Essential Elements of Directing

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 The Director’s job is insane.  Let’s face it, you have to be a little bit insane to even attempt it, and when you look at the list of things for which a Director is responsible you could easily talk yourself out of trying.  The following is a list of four things to focus on as […]

Wanted: a few good Production Assistants

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Maybe you’re new to filmmaking.  Maybe you don’t know which aspect to explore first.  Maybe you’re dying to get involved, but are embarrassed because you don’t know the first thing about making a movie. Can you walk and talk?  If the answer is yes, we’re not only willing to have you on our crew, we […]

Your Best Partner–in-Crime: The Assistant Director

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As a Director/Producer, my greatest asset during production (and pre-production, as a matter of fact) is my A.D.  As a no-budget, indie filmmaker, you end up doing everything yourself unless you get competent help.  If you don’t have a go-to Assistant Director in your contact list, start cultivating one now.  While an A.D.’s role on […]